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Two Tone Treatment 

Luraline Lighting is famous for offering a wide range of colors and finishes for our fixtures. One of the more distinct color options is that some of our fixtures can be ordered with two-tone paint. That's one color on the outside of the fixture and a different color on the inside. Of course, this only pertains to those fixtures that have the inside part of the fixture exposed for public view. This would include RLMs, Cylinders, and Helos.

Just imagine the possibilities. You could match the colors of professional sports teams or colleges. You might want to incorporate a company's branded colors. Maybe you want to create a specific ambiance or mood. All this is possible with the Two Tone Treatment from Luraline Lighting.  

To Order Two Tone Fixtures

When specifying your fixture, look for the code CIC (Custom Inner Color). Select it and specify your colors. Must match colors available in RAL spectrum. Additional charges will apply.