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TurboLED / TurboLED High Octane

>300 Lumens per WHAT?!#

Luraline's TurboLED is the high performance light source that will completely change the way you look at wattage. With TurboLED and our new TurboLED HO you can decrease wattage by as much as 75% compared to typical LED light sources. This is the most impressive light we have ever offered in our 50+ years of manufacturing lighting fixtures. Whether you choose original soft-white TurboLED (3000K: 145-182 Lm/W) or our new bright-white TurboLEDHO(4000K: 166-302 Lm/W), you will boost brightness while drastically reducing operating costs.  TurboLED light sources are available on select Luraline fixtures.
      - Increased efficacy - Up to 302 lumens per watt (not a typo)
      - Reduced operating temperature - Longer lasting
      - >55,000 hours at L90 - Exceeds DLC requirements

      - 5 year warranty on LED and driver
      - Triac, ELV and 0-10V dimming available

MORE Lumens, FEWER Watts
You’ve heard of miles per gallon. Just think what it would mean if you could double, or even triple your MPG. Imagine the energy and money you’d save. With TurboLED, instead of 80 or 100Lm/W, performance jumps to as much as 182Lm/W. And our new unbelievably bright white TurboLED
HO emits as much as 302 Lm/W.

Enhanced Color Rendering
In addition to the huge energy savings you get from the fewer watts, you also get a better light. Whether you choose 3000K soft-white or 4000K bright-white,
the superior 80+ color rendering index of TurboLED provides a truly enhanced light. ​