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The finest fixtures since 1967

The things that made us an industry standard then, still hold true today - the highest quality, outstanding customer service, and a multitude of options. Luraline fixtures are stylish, durable and promptly built just the way you want. They feature cost-effective LED lighting solutions with premium drivers, multiple mounting options, colors, finishes, and best of all, thousands of models to choose from. Everything adds up when you think Luraline.

When you think Luraline everything adds up!

​​TurboLED EM is Here 

Luraline's TurboLED EM emergency battery backup systems add a new level of performance to decorative emergency lighting, combining functionality with the flexibility and reliability that have been a Luraline cornerstone for over 50 years. MORE DETAILS HERE

Up to 323 Lumens per watt! Vrrooom!!
Why specify 80-100 Lm/W light sources when you can SLASH WATTAGE by an additional 50 to 75% with Luraline's TurboLED light engines. Our 3.04-watt TurboLED
HO provides 982 lumens. Do the math... that's an astounding 323 Lm/W!! MORE DETAILS HERE