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TurboLED save money
Add our new LED light source to your next Luraline fixture. Reduce energy costs while improving light quality!

You’ve heard of miles per gallon. Just think what it would mean if you could double your MPG. That’s exactly what you get with TurboLED. Instead of 60, 80 or 100Lm/W, with TurboLED the performance jumps to as much as 180Lm/W.  See Performance Chart

When you think Luraline everything adds up.
Luraline Lighting has high quality, cost-effective lighting solutions with LED as well as conventional light sources, premium ballast/drivers, multiple mounting options, colors, finishes, and best of all, thousands of models to choose from. Luraline fixtures are stylish, durable and promptly built just the way you want. Everything adds up when you think Luraline.